Atrium Volunteer Week: March, 2017

Well done and a big Thank You to all of our colleagues who participated in our first Volunteer Week of 2017!

Assisting at five different charities across four days - five teams of Atrium staff each made a positive contribution to the local community.

Volunteer Week kicked off on Monday with FareShare in Deptford, a fantastic operation that redistributes food and drink that would otherwise go to waste to frontline services across the UK. More than 60,000 people benefit from its services every day. Our team had a busy day distributing food to centres all over the Capital and seeing the benefits of this great service, and the food stations and drop in centres that they facilitate, first hand.

On Wednesday we returned to Vauxhall Food Bank, who provide food parcels for those most in need, and where through a great show of generosity and organisation Atrium colleagues donated over 74kg of goods to the Food Bank, which equates to over 112 meals, as well as giving time and effort there during the day. This is an incredible haul and thanks go to Steve Fowler for proposing the collection and “shopping” trip that made this sizeable donation possible.

We also assisted at another charity on Wednesday – Arts for All, A creative community centre in Shoreditch that works with vulnerable children and adults to bring an element of creativity into a person’s life, with hope that it will positively affect every area of their lives. An Arts therapy centre and creative outlet for a range of age and ability groups, the social and creative benefits for the attendees were clear to see, with great facilities in a supportive environment. All of the Atrium team vowed to return after a great day.

On Thursday our team helped out at North London Cares, a much loved charity that run a range of events in the community to help reduce isolation and loneliness amongst older neighbours. Thursday is “cake” day apparently and our team had a great afternoon socialising with the attendees, and a surprise visit by Candice from the Great British Bake Off was the “icing in the cake”!

On Friday we returned to the Hackney Employability Club; An AGE UK project that was set up to provide skills and support to over 50's who are still in the job market and looking for employment. Our team assisted with cv and job applications as well as some technology familiarisation, interspersed with a song here and there.

It was great to see a lot of new faces sign up for this week and we hope you will join us again for other activities. Thank you all.