Atrium Volunteer Week 2016 - Day 2

Atrium Colleagues spend an afternoon with the Open School East Volunteers, Tuesday 18th October, 2016.

Volunteer Week Day 2 saw Atrium colleagues Fergus Andrew and Tristram Lai-Miles helping out at the Open School East Hackney Stream, assisting older people with technology, socialising and even a game of Bingo! 

I think I can speak for Tristram and say we had a great afternoon in Hackney yesterday!

We helped a few ladies with their laptops and phones and even squeezed in a few games of bingo amongst all the chitchat. It was a very enjoyable afternoon helping out and hearing all their stories. Would love to be able to do something like this more often!

Fergus Andrew


Had a whale of time!

Tristram Lai-Miles


The Open School East is a service that provides arts education skills for residents in Islington and Hackney. They also provide a Mobile Seniors Group to help users learn about the internet and how to use tablets.

Every Tuesday from 3 to 5pm Hackney Stream, a group of over 55s who organise events as older local people. Working under the slogan ‘community adventures led by citizens of the pre-digital era’, they propose: tablet training and help; monthly dance parties; traditional cooking; art-making workshops and social events.

Atrium Volunteer Week runs from Monday 17th October until Friday 21st October, 2016. Each day Atrium colleagues will give their time and effort to assist and support charities and organisations in the local community.

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