Unlocking innovation with Lloyd’s Lab

The Lloyd’s Lab continues to be a fantastic opportunity to connect with global InsurTechs

Lloyd’s global reputation and resource opens doors to innovators that we otherwise would not have the time, or the knowledge, to reach out to.

Through our ‘Atrium Innovate’ group, we’ve had some great successes in the previous six cohorts and continue to work with several InsurTechs that we met through the Lab.


The Lab helps develop the business and our people

At Atrium, we’re keen to explore any opportunity that may complement or enhance our business. We also empower our staff, at any level, to offer their time and expertise to the programme via mentorships.


Lloyd’s sixth cohort ran from March to July 2021

The themes were Claims, Data & Models, Decarbonisation & Climate Risks and Geopolitics. We secured six mentorships for the programme, coming from both our Underwriting and Agency Teams. Our mentors will tell you more about the companies we worked with below.


Cohort 7 commenced in July

Next up is Cohort 7, where InsurTechs pitched for their places on 28th and 29th July across the following themes: Claims, Crypto, Data & Models and SMEs. It is always exciting to see the ideas and solutions on offer and forging new partnerships.


More on the companies we worked with in cohort 6 


Founded in 2017 in Lisbon, Tesselo have a strong sustainability focus and use satellite imagery combined with artificial intelligence to address environmental challenges. Their current area of expertise is forestry.

Atrium Mentor: Laura Banning, Upstream Energy Underwriter – “I mentored Tesselo as I think it’s a very interesting proposition and fits well with other decarbonisation projects I’m working on through Atrium Innovate and our ESG committee."



Maplecroft are a wide-ranging risk consultancy with a particular focus on political and market risk. Beginning life in 2001 to provide support to the mining industry, they have since grown into a number of different areas (including environment and country) for a broad spectrum of clients. U.S. data giant Verisk acquired them in 2014 and they’re now exploring how their offering might add value to insurers.

Atrium Mentor: David Langran, Aviation War Underwriter – “I mentored Maplecroft as I believe they have a product which could be of interest across a wide-range of classes, not just the war- and political risk-focused lines.”



Gaia’s mission is to make fertility care accessible for everyone. They’re looking to provide an insurance product in the IVF space in the UK which will consist of monthly premiums over five years and will return a premium refund if no live birth occurs in that period.

Atrium Mentor: Matthew Greaves, Accident & Health Underwriter – “I mentored Gaia to gain further knowledge in the IVF and surrogacy world and in a territory where we don’t currently operate.”



Carbonchain started in 2019 with a mission to make the world’s supply chains green again. Combining data science with supply chain management, they give supply chains in the most polluting industries practical solutions to bring down greenhouse gas emissions.

Atrium Mentor: Chris Golder, Marine Reinsurance Underwriter – “I mentored Carbonchain as I believe their carbon emissions ratings database of commodity traders, shipping companies and financial institutions could be of interest to several classes as well as being closely aligned to Atrium’s wider ESG priorities.”

“With the United States pushing the International Maritime Organization towards zero emission by 2050 and the United Kingdom including international shipping and aviation emissions in its sixth Carbon Budget; data collection by companies such as CarbonChain will be an integral part of the industries decarbonisation efforts.”



Jupiter are global leaders in physical climate risk analytics. Their products allow insurers to quantify how portfolios may be affected by climate change over different time horizons and under varying carbon emission scenarios.

Atrium Mentor: Alex Curtis, Catastrophe & Exposure Risk Analyst – “I was really excited to be mentoring Jupiter Intelligence. Their products allow insurers to quantify how portfolios may be affected by climate change over different time horizons and under varying carbon emission scenarios. This aligns very well with the work we’re currently doing in Exposure Management to quantify the physical risks of climate change on Atrium’s portfolio both in the future and to date. I’m particularly interested to see how we may be able to use their products to ensure the physical risks of climate change are captured in our risk tools.”



Scrub AI are a research-focused company who specialise in the task of data cleansing or “scrubbing” through machine learning and AI.

Atrium Mentor: Richard Todd, Head of Exposure Management – “I mentored Scrub AI to help their product which has potential within Atrium, Lloyd’s and the wider insurance market to enhance how we collect exposure data”.