We pride ourselves on our Underwriters being pragmatic decision makers, recognised by Lloyd’s and the wider broking community, delivering service and expertise to their clients.

Atrium has built up longstanding relationships with its supporting brokers over many years through the experience of its underwriting and by leading much of the business the Syndicate sees.

We support a wide variety of Lloyd’s brokers and do not have more than 10% of our GWP reliant on any one broking house, the variety of our program offerings and the support we deliver to our brokers is testament to our continuing professionalism and partnership approach.

Our underwriters are empowered to make decisions, not to just sit on risk committees, and that is reflected in our day to day engagements where agility and speed of decision is crucial. Atrium Underwriters understand the value in providing an answer quickly to the broker.

To find out what our trusted team of Underwriters can offer you and to find out more about our classes, our agility and decision making approach, contact any of our underwriters or call us on +44 (0)207 327 4877