First class support

Operations & Compliance

Atrium aims to put in place operational efficiencies and a compliance culture that responds to the needs of underwriters, policyholders and regulators. Our approach is collaborative, interpreting and providing direction and support where needed.


Our key mantra is the relentless drive towards operational efficiency

Atrium’s Information Systems Team supports the business through a blend of best of breed Third Party packages supplemented by our own software solutions.

Our key mantra is the relentless drive towards operational efficiency, integrating our systems as effectively as possible whilst providing Atrium with a stable and reliable operating infrastructure.

We are also not afraid to take leading positions in terms of interfacing with Market level systems such as ACORD messaging for Claims and Placing and we also strive to work collaboratively with our peer wherever possible to help make the London Market as competitive as possible.

AUGold is our market leading online quote and bind system which continues to not only win favor with our coverholders but demonstrates to Lloyd's our control framework remains at the forefront of such initiatives.


Atrium’s finance team provide meaningful management information that supports business decisions as well as meeting Lloyd’s and our shareholders reporting requirements. Our aim is to have a fully integrated financial reporting system so we can operate as efficiently as possible in an ever demanding reporting environment.

Outwards Reinsurance

Our team have many years outwards Reinsurance experience across both Proportional and Non-Proportional Reinsurance arrangements spanning Pro-rata treaties, Facultative and Excess of Loss Reinsurance programmes. Between the small team of four, we have worked in the London Reinsurance market for over 86 years, serving Atrium for 50 of those, and averaging over 12 year each.

We maintain close working relationships with our Claims and Underwriting teams to ensure we fully understand the underlying protected books of business, and the nature of the claims impacting the Reinsurance programme.

We value our relationships with the Reinsurance Claims brokers, our Reinsuring markets and our suppliers and try to ensure we provide full transparency and early communication of our exposure to RI impacting risk and catastrophe losses

Given our experience base, we aim to provide an efficient and professional service to our upstream data providers and downstream to our customers, RI brokers and our Reinsurers.