Our Philosophy

The team has many years of outwards Reinsurance experience across both Proportional and Non-Proportional Reinsurance arrangements spanning Pro-rata treaties, Facultative and Excess of Loss Reinsurance programmes. Between our team of four we have worked in the London Reinsurance market for over 86 years, serving Atrium for 50 of those, and averaging over 12 years each.

We maintain close working relationships with our Claims and Underwriting team colleagues to ensure that we fully understand the underlying protected books of business and the nature of the claims impacting the Reinsurance programme.

We value our relationships with Reinsurance Claims brokers, our Reinsuring markets and our suppliers and try to ensure that we provide full transparency and early communication of our exposure to RI impacting risk and catastrophe losses.

Given our experience base, we aim to provide an efficient and professional service to our upstream data providers and downstream to our customers, RI brokers and our Reinsurers.

"With an experienced team at the helm, we strive to achieve optimal efficiency in processing RI contracts and subsequent recoveries for the Syndicate. We utilise workflow technologies, the partial automation of RI recoveries using XLRAS software. 

We pride ourselves on proactive loss notification to the market, swift resolution of queries by our Reinsurers, and seek to achieve rapid settlement of all premium and claims due."

David Holman, RI Supervisor