What do you most value about working at Atrium?

‘I value the relationships with my colleagues and Manager. The opportunities to develop my career and support and training provided. I enjoy my job and feel empowered by the responsibility I have been given. I also appreciate the flexibility and independence at Atrium to be able to decide how best to do my job’

The focus on quality underwriting but in an environment which is informal. Hierarchy and status/position are not seen as that important which I think is a good thing’

‘Working environment, work/life balance, support (at work and towards professional qualifications), good package, good social events, close knit team’

The freedom to plan my own work schedule (as long as it gets done), the great support I receive from my Manager and the excellent working relationships amongst our team’

‘Pride of contributing to a successful brand. Being acknowledged by your peers as the best at what you do’

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Challenging (in a good way) and ever changing working and regulatory environment. You are treated well as an individual and feel part of a successful team’

‘The genuine intent / culture across the organisation (Syndicate & Agency) to do things the Atrium way - to do them 'properly' and to a high standard whilst seeking proportionality’

‘Working with colleagues who share values of honesty, integrity and openness’

‘In my opinion, Atrium is an inclusive, flexible and supportive employer who I would consider a pair of safe hands’

‘The people at Atrium are fantastic, a great group of people to work with. Atrium also believes in a healthy work- life balance’

‘Minimal bureaucracy and empowerment of employees to get the job done’

That it is underwriter led business, and that underwriters are allowed to underwrite. It's a business that generally empowers employees and trusts them in the work they do’

‘Willing to support initiatives and new ideas’

It's a good place to work. It is well run and this is demonstrated by the excellent results and staff retention’

‘I enjoy working with my colleagues. People at Atrium are confident in their capabilities and do understand the importance of a work life balance. Atrium is well regarded in the market and contributes a significant part of their resources to developing your potential’