It's a people business

Atrium Underwriters and Staff regularly attend conferences, forums and accompany brokers to jointly meet our Insured’s and clients. This willingness to travel ensures we continue to explore and understand our client’s insurance requirements, which strengthens our relationships with all parties.

Atrium is committed to ensuring we understand our client’s needs and provide solutions that are both relevant and market leading, we feel that this is best achieved by face to face meetings either in London, locally or connecting at conferences or forums.

This face to face contact delivers value for us and our clients in that we get to hear and discuss risk challenges, claims issues or coverage and risk complexities. Our Underwriters in London are supported by a center operating out of San Francisco for our US coverholder business.

“ What sets Atrium apart is that we don’t just see them once, we meet regularly, talk as required and as a result our relationship continues to develop from strength to strength, and what is even better our Lloyd’s broker is fully supportive”